Terms and Conditions

Purchase Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions
“Company” means Ensure Windows Ltd  or
any of its subsidiary companies.
“Customer” means the person, firm, company or other organisation
to whom the Company agrees to supply goods.
“Goods” means any product or service supplied by the Company.
“Contract” means any quote or contract between the Company and
the Customer for the supply of Goods incorporating these terms.
“Terms” means the terms set out in this document and any special
terms agreed in writing between the Company and the Customer.

2. The Contract
This Contract is made between 
Ensure Windows (“Company”) and the undersigned (“Customer”) and is
dated as completed on the quote (“Contract”)
A. All orders are accepted by the Company only under these Terms
and Conditions and they may not be altered, unless agreed in
writing by the Company. Any contrary or additional terms and
conditions, unless so agreed, are excluded.
B. The work to be carried out is limited to that specifically
mentioned in the quote. Verbal agreements are of no effect unless
shown in the quote under special requirements. Any building work
or decoration work which is found to be necessary during the
installation, is not included for in this contract unless otherwise
specified under special conditions.
C. All quotations are valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise on the
D. The customer agrees to all of the details of the quotation and
Affordable Home Improvements London Ltd terms and conditions by
paying the deposit.
E. Any alterations to the order made after Payment of the deposit
require written notice from the Customer and may affect the
Contract price.
F. For supply only contracts within the London area, delivery charge
will apply for orders under the value of £5,000.00. For all supply and
install contracts the delivery within London area will be included in
the price.

3. Variation of conditions
Any variation of these conditions (including any special terms and
conditions agreed by the parties) shall be inapplicable unless agreed
in writing by the Company. The Company reserves the right to
cancel this Contract in the event any of the Terms of this Contract
are breached or broken by the Customer.

4. Price and payment
A. Prices set by the Company may be subject to some changes due
to a rise in material prices or any changes to the order made by the
Customer. The Customer shall pay the deposit in the amount of 50%
of the total Contract cost prior to commencing fabrications of the
Goods unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company. The paid
deposit means that the Client read, understand, and agree with our
terms & condition. The outstanding balance should be paid in a
maximum of 2 instalments, second 30% payment (including any
variation of Contract) shall be payable to the Company 3 working
days prior delivery of the products. A third and final payment of
20% should be paid on the day of completion.
B. Non-completion of minor works shall not entitle the Customer to
withhold payment greater than the value of 5% of the due Contract
price. The Company’s personnel are authorised to accept cash or
bank transfer made payable to Affordable Home Improvements
London Ltd – Bank details are shown on invoice and proforma.
C. If the Customer fails to make any payment in full on the due date
the Company may charge the Customer interest on the amount
unpaid from the original due date until payment takes place at the
rate of 5% per month.

5. Passing of property
All Goods remain the property of the Company until they are paid for
in full by the Customer.

6. Scope of works
The work to be carried out is limited to that specifically mentioned in
the Contract. Verbal agreements are of no effect unless specified in
the Contract under special requirements (via email). Any change not
in the contract requested by the customer and confirmed in writing
may lead to a change in contract value. The Customer is notified
that it is entirely the Customers responsibility to establish whether
any planning permission or Building Regulation consent or Listed
Building consent are required in relation to the installation of the
goods at the Customer’s premises.
The customer is responsible for the accuracy of all dimensions and
order detail where it is a supply only contract.

7. Delivery and Installation
A. Delivery dates given by the Company when placing the order are
a guide only and shall not be bound by these dates. A revised
installation date will be given by the Company when the products
are manufactured, but even this may be affected by inclement
weather or unforeseen problems arising. Customers will be informed
of any delays and will have the right to cancel the contract if the
goods have not been delivered/installed 8 weeks from the date of
expected delivery as advised by the Company after manufacture.
B. The Customer agrees to give free access to the Company’s
workmen and supervisors to carry out all constituents of the said
installation. If such access is not given within 30 days of the
Customer being notified that the products are ready for installation,
then the Customer shall be liable to pay the Company the cash
balance outstanding within a further 7 days.

C. On delivery the Customer is asked to perform a visual check and
confirm that the goods are of satisfactory condition and not
damaged in any way. The customer will be required to sign the
delivery note acknowledging that delivered goods are satisfactory. If
a fitter has been booked to fit goods, then everything must be
checked prior to commencing work. If upon an agreed delivery date,
there is no one present and as such delivery cannot be made we
reserve the right to charge an additional delivery charge to cover the
redelivery cost.

D. Non-conformity of the final product with agreed specification
(size, mouldings, type of finish, type of glass etc.) needs to be
reported by the client within 14 working days of delivery. After that
period any complaints regarding specification will not be considered.
E. In the unfortunate event that on delivery, the goods are faulty,
damaged or some part is missing, the Customer is asked to contact
our office straight away on 0208 617 0880. We also require written
notification with description of the fault and photos, if necessary, via
email at info@affordableglazingsystems.com within 7 days of
delivery. After that period any complaints will not be considered.

8. Additional work
A. The Company will endeavour to ensure that the works match
existing finishes but will not be liable for non-matching due to
weathering of existing materials and cannot guarantee the matching
of external specialist finishes. When variations occur in existing
plaster lines the Company cannot guarantee that equal amounts of
sub frame will be visible all round.
B. The Company cannot undertake to remove any existing glass,
frame or secondary double-glazing units intact or without causing
damage to their surroundings.
C. The Customers must ensure that an electricity supply is available
to the Company’s workmen for the purpose of installing the Goods
at the Customer’s premises. In the event of no electricity supply
being available the Customer will be charged for any incurred costs
including the hiring of the generator or other equipment.

10. Glass
The Company cannot be held responsible for the imperfections
caused by the manufacturing process of glass nor for any breakage
of glass once installed.

11. Product
Demonstration windows, doors and other products are used to
demonstrate the working of a typical product and its composition
and are sample products only. The windows or other products
ordered will be manufactured and installed by the Company using
such manner and material, as the Company considers suitable and,
pursuant to the Company’s policy of continuous improvement of the
products. The Company reserves the sole right to make any
modification in design, specification or composition as it shall so
think fit. The product is made of aluminium or uPVC.
No refunds or complaints will be entertained as we offer no
guarantees of colour matching or consistency of colour.

12. Cleaning and maintenance
It is recommended that the frames supplied by the Company
cleaned with a damp cloth at regular intervals (generally not
exceeding 2 months). Hardware (hinges, handles etc.) should be
oiled not less than once a year. Failure to carry out these points will
affect the guarantee.

13. Guarantee
All guarantees/warranties are valid for the following period of time:
Frame – Window and Door frames are warranted for 10
years against defects in manufacturing, materials and

PVC Profile:

Installers provide anyone who has purchased new windows from them with a window warranty after the windows have finished being installed. A window warranty covers specific parts of the window and promises to repair or replace these parts within a specified period of time. However, the length of cover varies between the different window parts. Here at Emerald, for example, our window warranties cover:

  • The frames for 10 years manufacturer warranty
  • The glass for 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • Any window furniture, hardware for 1 year 

In addition to window warranties, however, installers will also offer their customers a guarantee.

As Installer Guarantee: 

One form of window guarantee is offered directly by an installer. We offer this type of guarantee and it lasts for 10 years. It also covers every part of the window installation including:

  • any reasonable faults that may occur, such as manufacture damage, weather and corrosion damage
  • and other reasonable faults that may have developed due to inferior workmanship

Glass – Insulated Glass Units are warranted for 5 years
against visible obstructions caused by a failure of the
insulating glass air seal.
What is not covered by this warranty: damage caused by the
excessive heat or contact with flame, damage caused by direct
contact with corrosive chemicals, damage as a result of abnormal
wear and tear, damage as a result of improper maintenance.
Valid proof of purchase must be shown to the Company before any
request for remedial/repair/replacement work will acknowledged.
The Company reserves the right to recover costs from customer for
labour time and travelling expenses where faults/damage are result
of installation which is not in accordance with the companies has
requested action and/or where repairs/replacements are found to be
beyond the terms of this warranty.
All conditions contained in this warranty are subject to adequate
maintenance of the goods supplied.

14. Call Out Service
In the event that a breakdown should occur, the following warranty
Providing the product from the Company line is maintained in line
with our guidelines, detailed in the Terms & Conditions and has
been installed by an Affordable Home Improvements London LTD
trained installer.
How to request a call out:
 Contact our office, who should arrange for the installers to
attend to diagnose the fault.
 If the fault is an installation error or manufacturing defect,
it is the Company responsibility to repair and no costs will
be covered by the client.
The call out will be chargeable if:
 Goods warranty has expired.
 The defect is either due to installation not carried out by
Affordable Home Improvements London Ltd.
 Goods have been altered or modified by the client.
 The defect is a result of misuse or improper cleaning and
Our standard call out fee starts from £85+VAT.
Affordable Home Improvements London Ltd provides free of charge
telephone technical support.
For more information, please see Product Maintenance & Storage
and Terms & Conditions on our website
The guarantee only applies to products purchased and installed
within the UK and is used in the manner that it was intended.
15. Cancellation
The Customer may cancel the Contract without penalty prior to
paying the deposit, which is when production will commence. Any
cancellations must be given by written notice by email to
sales@ensurewindows.co.uk However, if the Customer
decides to cancel the Contract after production is commenced,
he/she shall be charged as follows:

After Survey: Within 7 days, a cancelation fee of £250 will applied to all cancelation.

During manufacture – 70% of the Contract value; 

After manufacture – 95% of the Contract value.

16. Force Majeure

Whilst the Company undertakes to do its utmost to execute every
order within the specified period, the Company does not take
responsibility for any default due to any act of God, war, strike,
lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest or other event
beyond the reasonable control of the Company.
17. General
If any provision of the Contract is found by any court , tribunal or
administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be wholly or partly
illegal, invalid, void, voidable, enforceable or unreasonable the
remaining provisions of the Contract and the remainder of such
provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

18. Contact
The Company contact details are as follows:
Ensure Windows Ltd
Unit 7 Roman Industrial Estate
Tait Road
Tel 020 8050 5065