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Our folding sliding door ‘Visiofold 1000’ and ‘Visiofold 6000’ provide a versatile movable wall that allows space light into any home and with up to 8 doors sliding in either direction you can really bring the outside space into your home.

Doors provide a realm of size and design opportunities with dual colour options, the internal and external faces of the profiles can be polyester powder coated or anodized in multitude of colours and finishes.

Rebated doors are internally beaded for domestic applications that allows for multi-light construction.

We fabricate doors with profiles successfully tested to PAS 23 & PAS 24.

For Open In arrangement: – Water Tightness:            450Pa

Class 3                                Air Permeability:             600Pa

Wind Resistance:            1200Pa

For Open Out arrangement: – Water Tightness:            900Pa

Air Permeability:               600Pa

Wind resistance:                1200Pa

The incorporation of a hinged door option either as single or double doors allows for easy exit or entry without having to open the whole door set.

Due to the weight of the doors being transferred to the sill track, the doors can be used confidence without fear of jamming.  No weight is carried on the header bar therefore there is no danger of the panels dropping.

Rollers are fitted between the stiles and not seen in the closed position.  In the open position, due to the rollers being encapsulated within the track, total finger protection is assured.

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