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Our aluminium windows have slim, strong profiles which can cater for all design sizes and configurations, with options for structural bay-poles and offers increased energy efficiency.  To perfectly fit into your home, a wide range of styled aluminium sills are available.  Curved Ovalo, and Chamfered Profiles are available to provide a traditional looking window and stunning flat profiles are available to add to the beauty of the modern developments.

We offer frames with polyamide insulation which creates energy efficient windows that actively reduce your energy bills, by retaining the heat in the colder months.


Our windows have been designed and priced to the demands of today’s market.  Curve and feature accentuate the slim aluminium profiles, maximizing glazed area with capacity to glaze units up to 44mm.

Our 55mm and 75mm window systems are thermally broken with ‘rolled in’ polyamide profiles for enhanced thermal performance.


The ‘Alitherm Heritage’ window system is designed to offer a modern aluminium Thermally broken replacement to steel windows. Taking inspiration from traditional steel windows Alitherm Heritage features signature slim sight-lines and attractive aesthetic contours coupled with polyamide thermal break technology giving Alitherm Heritage enhanced thermal performance and narrow sight-lines.

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